Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Ok, I'll leave it to Nicki to post the pictures, but Jonah's got a new favorite toy...a Disney Balzac! Ok, it's a balloon that you put in a little pouch and blow up. Because it's in the little sack, you can punch it, sit on it, kick it, hit it...all kinds of things!! It's really amazing!!

Ok...now for my true evaluation: WHO COMES UP WITH THESE THINGS? Jonah loves it, but a balloon in a sack??? Who would think of that?

Well, all I know is it makes my little boy VERY happy! It's his new "chair" for the coffee table. Great until (like happened last week) he shifts his weight a little to much forward and ends up caught between the Balzac and the table. That would be called a Balzac emergency!! Apparently from the fashion in the commercial above, this thing has been out for a while, but it's new to the Glenn household....but BOY are we glad we to one!!

I'm back....

After a long hiatus, I'm back in the blogging world! A conference and a vacation kind of took me out for a while, but this was my first "back in the swing" day back at work (I was back last Thursday, but with a funeral it wasn't a "normal" day), so I finally feel like I'm back to what I know.

I've been working on getting some of Jonah's video's onto DVD...next, I'm going to start editing the video from our vacation in Disney. Anyway, going back and looking at those videos makes me love him all the more--as if that's even possible. The more he grows up, the more I love him. He seems to discover something new EVERYDAY! It's just so amazing to see this little guy grow up. I find myself wondering what he will be like when he is 7...11...14...18...well, you get the picture. How will he grow up? Will he be respectful of his parents? Will he be a rule abider or breaker? I want to be the very best daddy I can be so he can be the very best child of God he can be! I know I've already wrote about it, but that Phillips, Craig, and Dean song continues to go over and over in my head. I want to be as close to God as possible, so as Jonah emulates his earthly father, he will also be emulating his Heavenly Father.

I think it was Max Lucado that wrote, "If God had a refrigerator door, you're picture would be on it." As much as I love my little boy. It doesn't even hold a candle to how much God loves me. That's a thought I CAN'T wrap my mind around!

God...let me live a life that is worthy of the GREAT love that you have for me!! I want you to look at my picture every morning and smile!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Simple question...If you were guaranteed to be in the top two which would give you a 50% chance at winning ONE MILLION dollars, would you do it?

To quote my wife, "They don't have chapstick, internet, or blue bell ice cream out there...I wouldn't do it if I was guaranteed the money!"

Leave me a comment to give me your take...

Happy Mother's Day...I love my wife!

I have a GREAT wife. I'm so thankful that God gave her to me. There are SO many things to be thankful for but I'll just name a few.

1. My wife is an unbelievable mother! She has always been around children. I don't know if that's why she's such a great mom to our little boy, but she is! She thinks of things that I would never think of. I love to see her face light up when Jonah walks in or when I've been home with her and she gets back home. Further...so many times, she has to be a "single" mom. That just adds to the challenge! I'm just so thankful that she takes care of Jonah the way she does without my help so many times.

2. My wife is a wonderful help-mate to me. i don't mean for that to sound bad...hopefully it doesn't. What I mean is that she has a way of meeting all of my needs. And I've got a LOT of needs. Sometimes she is able to just sense that I need hug or that I need her to tell me that she thinks the world of me and she's right there meeting my needs.

3. My wife is an independent person. If you know her that should probably go without saying! But, that quality is SO important for our relationship AND my job. I mentioned above how Nicki is sometimes like a "single" mom. What I mean is that so many times, I can't be there to help her with some of the simplest things that have to be taken care of. However, at a time when she could be very frustrated by all of that, she just seems to take it all in stride.

4. My wife is one of the funniest people on the planet! I mean this...she is absolutely hilarious! So many times in my life when I feel like screaming, I end up laughing because Nicki helps me to see the lighter side of the situation.

5. My wife is a detail person. This is crucially important to me because I'm a big picture guy! For example, next week we're going on vacation to Disney World. If I was planning it, I would know when we were leaving and when we were getting back...that would be about all. Currently, we have reservations for flights, a villa to stay in, a rental car, and most meals. We also already have decided which days we will go to Disney, which days will be reserved for Universal Studios, and which days will be reserved for a last minute decision. What a girl!!

All that to say, I love my wife. I'm so glad that God gave her to me and I'm so glad that Jonah will grow up with this wonderful woman as his mom.

Happy Mother's Day, Nicki!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Drive '08

If you've been around me for any period of time, you're probably heard me mention my affinity for Andy Stanley and Northpoint Community Church. Well, this week, I'm at the mecca for Andy and Northpoint...I'm in Alpharetta, GA at the Drive Conference. This is a conference put on for pastors, church staff members, volunteer leaders, and anyone else who wants to see something new and exciting happen in their church. By the way...that's me! I want to see something really GREAT happen at FBCV!

I've really enjoyed the conference so far. It's been an absolute information overload, but isn't that how any conference should be that is teaching you how to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ more effectively?! I absolutely think so!!

I actually just got back to my hotel from the second night of the conference. We had a guest speaker tonight. You might have heard of him. I'll give you a hint: Are you smarter than a 5th Grader? Still don't know? Ok, another hint: You might be a redneck if.... That's right! Jeff Foxworthy came and did an entire comedy routine for our conference. Now, you have to know that when I see something funny on TV or hear someone tell a really funny joke, I belly-laugh! Tonight, my side was splitting. I haven't laughed that hard in a while! It was very good therapy.

However, I don't think there was any way it could have topped what happened LAST night! During the first service, we were given an opportunity to take communion! What an opportunity! I can't remember the last time I took communion and wasn't worried about what I was going to say, how long it was taking, what I was singing about, if we were going to have enough for all of the people in church that day (I didn't used to worry about this one, but I probably will from now on! Read here).

Not only were we allowed to take communion, but there was also a painter that was doing abstract paintings of Jesus on stage. It ranked right up there with the birth of Jonah, getting married to Nicki, and our first Christmas with Jonah on a short list of "full" experiences in my life! Have you ever had one of those moments where the love of God was so real to you that it just brought you to tears? Well, last night, I was a basket case. It was just unbelievable seeing those pictures of Jesus, singing "Oh, how he loves us...Oh, how he loves me...Oh, how he loves." I remember once during that experience while I was holding the representation of his body and blood in my hands and trying to sing those phrases, but all that would come out was a blubbering sound that you usually make when you're trying to say something to somebody but your tears are just getting in the way. (That's not very descriptive, but I think you get the picture.) It was absolutely a GOD moment for me!

I think the thing that moved me the most was the obviousness of Christ's love in that moment. It was almost so real I thought I could touch it. I would swear I could actually feel the arms of Jesus reaching around me and holding me tighter than I've ever been held. Even as I sit here and type this, my eyes are welling up with tears. Hold on while I tell the person at the computer next to me that I'm fine...

Ok...here's the point. How long has it been since you have experienced the love of God in that tangible of a way? How long has it been since you come face to face with the fact that God loves you no matter what? How long has it been since you simply realized that "God LOVES YOU?" Well, let's not let it go another moment...I'm here to tell you that God does love you. As a matter of fact, He's CRAZY in love with you. He wants the very best for your life. He wants to show you how much He loves you. No, He's already shown you how much He loves you...He sent His SON! So there...God loves you. I hope that hits you as much up side the head as it did me last night. Now, since I've told you...go tell somebody else!!