Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm not back, but I'm trying...

I'm a terrible blogger, but I was inspired by this post from Jon Acuff. So, I'm taking the challenge to write something once a week for the next 90 days. We'll see from there.

This morning, I introduced a concept that is challenging for church people (me included.) That concept is that we shouldn't give to satisfy our need to share the Gospel. We were challenging our church to reach a $13,000 North American Missions goal this morning, and I told the church that if they weren't willing to "go" then they shouldn't "give." That might just hurt our ability to reach our goal because my experience is that giving is much easier than going. But, Jesus didn't send us out by saying, "Give ye therefore into all creation." No...he said "GO into all creation." So, we're supposed to GO into the world and share the message of Salvation in Jesus Christ. Then that going should be a motivation for us to GIVE to others who are doing the same!

We'll see how the offering went later, but for right now, I'm thinking about my own challenging of "going." Who am I "going" to? Who am I trying to reach for the kingdom of God right now? Equal question...who are YOU trying to reach for the kingdom of God right now? We have the message of salvation, forgiveness, eternal life, and a better life...who are you sharing it with???

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